SOTI MobiControl Help Guide

Getting Started

To get started with MobiControl, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main MobiControl
components (See below.) and then proceed to the “MobiControl Tutorial” topic on page 3. Once you
have been through the tutorial, you should be ready to use MobiControl to manage your mobile field

MobiControl Components

The MobiControl Manager provides a centralized management console from which all aspects of the system can be monitored and controlled. The Manager can be installed on one or more desktop or notebook computers in your network. The manager communicates with the database and Deployment Servers. Please see the “MobiControl Manager Overview” topic on page 6.

The MobiControl Deployment Server communicates with mobile devices and executes the rules configured using MobiControl Manager. Deployment Servers also make real-time and historical information available to users through the tools provided in MobiControl Manager. Please see the “Deployment Server Overview” topic on page 382 for more information.

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