MX3X User Guide


The LXE MX3X is a rugged, portable, hand-held Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET 4.2 or CE 5.0 equipped mobile computer capable of wireless data communications. The mobile device can transmit information using wireless LAN radios with internal antennas or an external remote mount antenna. It can store information for later transmission through an RS-232, InfraRed, or USB port. The device can be scaled from a limited function batch computer to an integrated wireless scanning computer.

The mobile device is horizontally oriented and features backlighting for the display. The touchscreen display supports graphic features and Windows icons that the installed Windows operating system supports. The keys on the keypad are constructed of a phosphorescent material that can easily be seen in dimly lighted areas.

The MX3-RFID version (obsolete) of the MX3X has an RFID module permanently attached to the back of the device. The module protects the RFID antenna and tag reader. A passive vehicle cradle is available that has been designed specifically for the MX3-RFID device deeper back cover.

Device-specific cables are available for all versions. The stylus in the Stylus Kit (shipped with each unit) is used to assist in entering data and configuring the unit. Protective film for the touchscreen is available as an accessory.

Contact your Honeywell representative for information on the latest upgrades for your MX3X.

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