RFID Solutions

RFID Technology For Healthcare, Industrial & Small Business

You can shift your company to a fresh level of effectiveness by providing RFID. Gamma Solutions offers complete RFID solutions from Honeywell and Zebra that give companies higher visibility in their inventory as they move across the supply chain. You will always understand where your critical assets are with real-time monitoring data and the correct implementation.

RFID antennas provide the essential connection between reader and tag, providing high-throughput, high-capacity communication, allowing organisations to capture, transfer and handle critical data from and to any point of company.

RFID printers offer you complete visibility so that assets can be identified, tracked, managed and optimized. You can confidently and easily print, encode and check RFID labels at the same time.

RFID readers are intended to fulfill the industry’s greatest standards of deployment. Fixed readers are simple to deploy, use, handle, and especially suitable for apps for retail inventory and business asset management.

For worldwide supply chain assistance, RFID tags are capable of obtaining, storing and transmitting digital data at various frequencies. These tags were intended to deliver superior efficiency and elevated durability.

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