The Importance of Properly Integrating your RFID Technology

The Importance of Properly Integrating your RFID Technology

Radio-Frequency Identification, or RFID, is the use of radio waves to read and capture information store on a tag attached to an object, such as your inventory. These tags are small electronic devices that are made up of a chip and antenna that can generally hold up to 2000 bytes of data.

What is RFID?

RFID allows companies of all sizes to be more efficient by allowing them to track their inventory and equipment, however without the right RFID solution and integration you might as well not be using it.





Best Practices for a Successful RFID Implementation

As RFID integration is not just a simple plug-and-play process, we recommend following these best practices to roll out a successful RFID implementation within your organisation.

  • Evaluate your company’s expectations against what a new RFID system can provide to you
  • Analyse your current or upcoming business practices and determine which aspects will improve by implementing an RFID-based solution
  • Documents outlining your businesses requirements including software, hardware, RFID tags, environmental factors, regulatory concerns, reliability, security issues, network and maintenance
  • Perform a site evaluation to assess if there will be any interfering or competing signals in the planned installation location. Also, an evaluation is required to determine if any other devices will affect the transmissions
  • Selecting the proper tag for your solution







Gamma Solutions can assist you in working through these best practises and creating a complete RFID solution that will provide your business with greater visibility into your inventory as it moves through the supply chain. Our solutions give you real-time tracking so you will always know where your critical assets are. From antennas, printers, readers and tags and inserts, we use tried and tested products that will introduce a new level of efficiency into your business.







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