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    General Purpose Scanners

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    Industrial Scanners

Wireless Barcode Scanners For Sale

Intermec, Datalogic, Honeywell and Motorola barcode scanners will meet virtually all your needs. This involves rugged, wireless bluetooth or tethered bar code reader. Regardless of your setting or implementation: retail POS, manufacturing store floor, aisles in a warehouse or a bedside in a healthcare setting, you can trust that we have a barcode reader that fits you.

General purpose scanners are intended for enterprises of small to medium size. Simple, reliable and inexpensive scanning for daily activities is offered. It is simple to use and there is no need for set-up or practice.

Industrial scanners are intended to resist harsh realities – variations in temperature, falls, dust, and weather. They are high-quality for point-of-service apps including light industrial, retail and healthcare apps.

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